Equipment and apparel

to enhance your swing

and personality.

Serving is like performing the perfect swing.

The stick and the arms are aiming for the target, the ball is flying, the finish is starting. The hips are completing their rotation, the arms are bending and the whole body is stretching out for the goal, the stick is leaning on the shoulder.

We love to compare our idea of what service means to the Golf performance: a service made of different elements, to be pursued with passion and discipline.

The first factor is a friendly and helpful approach. No service can exist without the human dimension.

Let’s go on with the custom-made services for the golfers: repair service of clubs and equipment, re-gripping (grip substitution because of rubber wear), Golf trolleys maintenance and repair service. Let us continue with the management of tee-time in Italy and abroad, as well as the organization of Golf events.

But since serving is also synonym with facilitating evolution, in the immediate future we are organizing indoor Golf tournaments with the support of the simulator.

We are starting fitness courses dedicated to Golf practice (for instance Functional, Postural and Pilates classes), info sessions on TPI (Titleis Performance Institute – body fitting), courses on Golf rules.

We are dealing with Golf travel to every destination. Udine represents our tee, the place where we are and where we are leaving from. But actually the greens we are talking about are many more: Friuli Venezia Giulia as a whole, with all the possible connections with FVG tourism and its several appealing towns: from Trieste to Cividale, from Grado to San Daniele del Friuli, from Lignano to Aquileia, from Villa Manin di Passariano to Collio, land of the exquisite Friulian wines. We are then moving to the North-Eastern area, having Venice as our focal point. Our plan is to extend our operating range to  Italy in general and to the rest of the world. The Golf-travel relationship is spontaneous and strong. Golf is a world, within the world.