Club fitting

Club fitting

Shaping golf on the uniqueness of every player

Preparatory and essential Art of modern golf.
This is our definition of fitting. The art of crafting the tools on the specific needs – postural and anthropometric – of the single player. The Art we fully identify with and where we employ all our knowledge as Club Fitters and Club Makers, a competence built at specialized golf organizations in England. Art that we calculate on the single player and on single categories. From golf teachers to professionals, to amateur golfers.

Our fitting categories are two.

Basic Club fitting, for golfers with a mid-high Hcp.
We record the fundamental data (physical size and swing speed). Then we focus on finding and adapting the best equipment for you, or we evaluate the set of golf clubs you are currently using for a better calibration.

Advanced Club fitting dedicated to golfers with a low Hcp.
You will be trained by internationally recognized professionals. Driving range sessions using advanced electronic devices, such as Trackman/FlightScope.
The next step is finding a suitable fitting, where fitting really means “adapt, just, appropriate, right” for the user, without ever trespassing the known and safer limits. In short, an authentic Custom fit service, dedicated to every player’s uniqueness.