Game simulator

Game simulator

Try everything: once you have tried, you will not be able to stop.

Try, again and again. Test yourself, test the courses. Test is the golfer’s DNA. The need to experiment and put yourself under pressure, bearing in mind one target: improvement.
That’s why we have arranged an indoor virtual contest where the player can choose among so many experimentation-simulation possibilities.

Game simulation
There are many courses and different game combinations: Tour, Stableford and Medal. Practicing at the Driving Range and Pitching green with various contest game: Driving contest, Iron contest and Pitch&Putt Tournament.

  • Saint-Andrews Old Course
  • Tabarka Golf Club
  • Bergamo l’Albenza
  • Garda Golf Country Club
  • Golf Club Udine
  • Golf Club Carezza
  • Dubay Montgomery Pitch&Putt

Simulator and self-observation.
The PGM Simulator, thanks to the PGM SCHOOL Module, guarantees feed-back about the peculiar characteristics of one’s swing. The Module records – frame by frame– the biomechanical development of the movement. The point constraints, the planes and angles appear on the screen and show the biomechanical development of the movement.